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... an intuitive, open source application/library aimed toward CAD users and programmers, which runs on Linux and *BSD operating systems for now. Its main goal is to be extensible, interactive, 2D & 3D parametric modeller/viewer, supporting wide variety of file formats.

Since full working version is still yet to come, any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Starting page for people interested in contributing to the project is this.


INKARMA targets CAD professional user community, which would benefit from its open source availability.


All basic CAD functionality is developed using INKARMA API, which is available in C++, Python and Lua versions for now. Programmers are encouraged to use this API to customize behaviour of application to suit particular needs in different engineering areas, such as mechanical, electrical, civil engineering and road design.


Users with knowledge of C++ programming languages can change the look & feel of the application by supplying their own version of the user interface. Lua & Python scripts can be added to basic commands.

Ease of use

Basic level CAD users can use built-in commands for quick and intuitive drawing.

2D/3D Modell viewer/repository

Among the ones currently supported are OBJ, OFF, PLY & MD2 file formats.

Developer info

Application core (some would say engine) is written in C++, with POSIX references.

Win32 port

...should not be so hard to implement. Volunteers wanted.


Project is currently in pre-alpha stage, where about 50% of initial task list is implemented. Developers can browse/download source tree with subversion client.


You can contact the author at miodrag.stankovic@gmail.com


A C++ GUI library heavily used in this project.

Wotsit's Format
File format information on hundreds of different file types. Descriptions of many formats that INKARMA supports are obtained there.

The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository
Site features many 3D models in their PLY format. It also inspired rather simplistic look of this site.

Berkeley DB
Powerfull db engine used for model repository.

High performance C++ scientific library.

"SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written in C and C++ with a variety of high-level programming languages." Used for generating Lua, Python and OCaml bindings.